Should I save money by printing my own photos?

Should I save money by printing my own photos?

The affordability and continued development of low cost digital cameras and mobile phones with built-in camera lenses has resulted in more amateur photographers snapping and sharing photos with friends around the world than ever before.

Research suggests that about 45% of digital photographers print their own images at home while as many trust their digital photos to online retailers. Consumers seem to differ behavior depending on the number of desired photos.

The decision to print your own pictures or get them processed is exactly the same as having your own dark space or sending out movies to get it developed by a lab - its about controlling the end product. The main advantage of printing your own photos is that you have complete control over the image quality.

Its something very satisfying to take a raw digital image and manipulate it until you feel its just right. For those who like to have creative control over their images it is more of a control question than a cost problem and worth the extra cost. If you are serious about photography you can agree that commercially manufactured prints made by some operators never match the prints you make yourself.

One way to reduce printing costs is to print the images smaller than the final desired size until you are sure that the output will be what you expect. Considering that not all prints on a 35mm movie will be a keeper nor any digital image will be ideal.

To get the best results when printing color photos be sure to use photo paper because it is designed to properly absorb the ink. Photo Paper Glossy delivers a smooth smooth surface for everyday photos with the appearance of true photographic prints. Premium Photo Paper Glossy costs a little more but it has a high gloss color that is perfect for printing your favorite images and enlargements for use with glass frames and photo albums. No matter what paper you use change your print settings to choose the correct type of photo paper you are using.

If digital photography and printing of your own color photos is your color inkjet printer you will be able to offer different assortments and color controls for the best price. Be sure to check out our Featured Printer: the new Epson PictureMate Snap 4 x 6 photo printer that offers outstanding image quality and ease of use at an incredibly low price.

For some people the price of the image control is too high. Although inkjet printers may seem very affordable and often included in a package deal with the purchase of a new computer they are not cheap when taking into account the total cost of ownership. Once you have made an initial investment you will pay at least 28 cents per print if you think the manufacturers are math. It may be closer to 50 cents if you rely on consumer review tests on Consumer Reports.

Why is it costing you to print your own photos? The major printer manufacturers do not make their money from the sale of printers that produce relatively low profit margins. It is the sale of ink tones and photo papers that are the best profit generators. Ounce for ounce The cost of ink in brand cartridges is four times the cost of Dom Perignon champagne selling for about $ 425 per bottle.

In addition to the cost of delivery another inkjet printer disadvantage is that ink cartridges can wipe relatively quickly due to the humidity of your environment and how often you use the printer. Ink cartridges have a durability when in the machine - meaning you need to replace each cartridge at least twice a year if it is empty or not.

Although manufacturers try to convince consumers to print at home quickly and conveniently and the printers themselves are virtually free you must weigh their TCO Total Cost of Ownership before deciding to purchase an inkjet printer.

There are many websites that let you upload your photos to online albums and other sharing tools and to order prints of those to be sent to your home. In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of photo parts and photo printing pages which means that print prices have fallen and the range of services has been expanded.

Most people are very pleased with the lab results and the price of printing a 4-inch-6-inch snapshot in a retail photo lab like those in a Sams Club that cost as low as 13 cents. You can not print your own photos on an inkjet printer for less than that. In addition to the low cost per print the fact that all processed prints usually have a continuous note you do not need to make a capital investment in a printer and you do not have to spend time looking for inkjet supply offers can all increase.

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