Inside Tips to maximize the effectiveness of your printed materials

Inside Tips to maximize the effectiveness of your printed materials

Product sales sheets brochures and catalogs are among the most commonly used promotional materials. If the design contains photography and vibrant colors the coated paper layer will provide a sharper and more vibrant image. There are different types of coatings including matt matt and glossy among other things with varying degrees of brightness depending on what look you're going for. Contact your designer or printer to help you choose the right finish.

Given the paper stock there are literally thousands to choose from in all price categories. Paper stamp books are available that give samples of different paper weights and colors. They illustrate how the various finishes will be printed to help you choose the desired look and feel you want to achieve. If you are environmentally conscious high quality recycled paper stocks are available.

Plan your printing requirements carefully with your designer. When preparing a direct mail for example one must be extra careful to ensure that postal mail is met. Otherwise the cost of mailing may be too large or worse the postal address will be rejected by the postal service. Also consider the size of the brochure catalog pocket folder etc. Papers are made in pr.cut sizes. Knowing this information helps you maximize the number of pieces that can fit a particular sheet. This will result in less paper waste and lower cost.

How many colors should I use a black and white printed piece usually costs less than full color 4 color process. So depending on what you depict in your printed paragraph it helps to dictate this. Research suggests that readers respond more positively to color and the additional cost is often motivated. For example if you promote fabric or color you do not have much choice for example without using color. Using 4 color processes your designer can combine the four ink colors cyan magenta yellow and black to create hundreds of variations in colors for types backgrounds and graphic elements.

Black and white have their applications but are not as common as the cost of printing in color has become cheaper.

Group similar jobs together whenever possible. If your 81/2 x 11 brochures are printed for multiple locations with different addresses and or information gather so many of these different parties together and print them at the same time.

This will result in significant cost savings rather than running each one separately. This works best when the different parts are the same size and on the same paper stock.

Be sure your designer uses a computer publishing application like Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress. These are generally accepted by most printers.

Digital Printing versus Offset Lithography. The lithographic printing process has been the standard for printing on paper since 1903. This process uses printing plates ink rolls and rubber blankets that transfer offset the image from the plates to the paper. Most printed materials are manufactured using offset presses.

Recently digital printing which does not use pressure plates or blankets has become popular and increasingly sophisticated. They produce quality printing and require no drying time but are usually reserved for smaller printers that print in full color where they can be more economical than offset printing.

Variable Data Print. If you ever meet the print media needs where the copy or data varies throughout the printout this can be produced economically with digital printing. For example a direct mail bit where address change greeting and body copy changes a perfect candidate for this process.

Be clear when specifying the specifications. This is the key to getting accurate estimates. Basic specifications such as quantity ink size and paper type and weight are essential. Also if the job needs to be folded inkjet is addressed shrink date required for everyone to come in to play. Be sure that you or your staff describe all the information to your prin.producing people.

Purchase Orders. Once the price is agreed a purchase order or similar document will be prepared as both you and your printing team agree on what is expected.

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